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I selected three breaking news articles to track:

Man Shot in Beaver Falls, flown to hospital  was a really short article that didn't say much besides where the shooting occured. The hospital and man's name were not even given.

Man Found Dead in his Fayette County Home gives the name of the victim and the time when his body was found. There is no cause of death released and police were still investigating. I could not find any new information about this news.

Man found in Bloomfield park committed suicide, police say gives the name of the dead man, his cause of death and information that a suicide not was found in his apartment. Little else is given in this article.

I found all of the stories on Oct. 7 early in the morning...Now, you'd think that because these articles all dealt with unresolved deaths (aside from the suicide), that the news crew would find another breaking news item to report on at least one of these subjects. Wrong.

On Oct. 8, I did find an update about the suicide story: Police determine Bloomfield man's death to be a suicide. However, there really wasn't that much new information this article. It basically said the same thing. The fact that the death was a suicide wasn't even new news....

I even checked google news for the fayette death. The only other news story I could find was from the pittsburghchannel, and in class, Dr. Jerz said that this was not a good source to use anyway. However, the article, Fayette Co. Man's Death Labeled Suspicious, did provide some new information.

I found an update about the Beaver shooting on another website for the Beaver County Times. The article, Beaver Falls man charged in shooting, is still a short article, but it gives the name of the victim as well as the suspect charted with attempted homicide. This article served as a follow up for an article published on Oct. 7, entitled Police Continue to Search for Gunman in Beaver Falls. Like the Post-Gazette article, this article does not give the name of the victim.

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It's really hard to find updated information updated in only a week. People haven't been convicted or tried. I didn't even think of googling the article though for other information. Glad I read this before the blog is due.

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