EL 237 Portfolio #2

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It's that time of the year again. Portfolio time. I feel like I've learned a lot since my last portfolio, and I feel like my discussions have become more depth both on my page and on my peer's blogs as well. Let's hope we keep up the good work!

  • Life is Stew? was a blog entry about the second act of Good night Desdemona (Good morning Juliet). I wrote about my confusion because I never read Othello. I also talked a little about the dramatic irony in this play.
  • In Immaturity at its best, I blogged about Romeo and Juliet's homosexuality being MacDonald's way to show their immaturity. They are in love with the idea of being in love.
  • Transcendental War Anyone? gave brief reactions to two poems read for class. I compared Yeats' "Irish Airman" to Hardy's "The Man He Killed."
  • Lonelliness is a two-way street offered my take on Frost's tone and theme for the poem.
  • Stratego Anyone? was a blog about Roberts' chapter on research questions. I complained a little bit about his overuse of Hamlet for examples, but acknowledged that I disliked Hamlet in high school because my teacher did not do a good job teaching the play.
  • Characters really make the story... gave me the opportunity to analyze the majority of the characters in Williams The Quick and the Dead
  • Death of Innocence was my response to the second third of the book. I blogged about Annabel's loss of innocence--her dream of Ginger killing the turtle eggs, as well as other incidents of animal deaths.
  • Ghostbusters! proved one of my assumptions in my first blog about The Quick and the Dead. I questioned whether Ginger was a ghost or a figment of Carter's imagination. Turns out Ginger was a ghost. Yay.
  • Zombie book Review was my review of the book review of Pride Prejudice and Zombies. I praised the author for not summarizing the plot and was a little surprised by how many outside sources she included.
  • Precious Cargo throughout the ages was a blog about Masefield's Cargoes 1902. I blogged that I saw the imagery as allusions to the past. I also commented that my liberal arts education came in handy, because I recently learned about the Assyrians in my Western Cultural Traditions class.
  • Sensory details to the rescue! was a blog about Roberts Chapter 8. I wrote specifically about my love of imagery and the gustatory sense.






  • Transcendental War Anyone? -This blog entry has another link back to a previous entry about another poem studied in class, because I chose to compare the two poems. It also caused a brief discussion.
  • Characters really make the story... -This blog has a little bit of everything. Timeliness, depth, and tons of comments too!

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