Remember me...Sonnet 30

But if the while I think of thee (dear friend)
All losses are restored, and sorrows end.

--Shakespeare's "Sonnet 30"

Sonnet 30 has a very compelling message about recalling both good and bad memories from life. Even though I'm still really young, like anyone else, I still have things that I regret. This poem makes me think of one of my childhood friends--we were best friends until high school when we had a falling out. We still talk and meet for coffee, but our relationship will never be the same. 

Shakespeare's poem has an important message. Although everyone tends to think back and regret their actions, they need to also realize that there were good parts too. Life will go on. All we can do is learn from our mistakes.

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Great interpretation. Lately I've been thinking about past regrets, and I realize there's no point in playing the what-if game. The only thing I can do now is remember what was good about those situations and move on.

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