Assassin's Creed Review

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You can't see me. I'm there in the shadows, crouched down on the roof above you, dangling on the ledge below you. Maybe you know I'm nearby. Maybe you're afraid for your life. You should be. Because by the time you realize where I am, you'll be dead.



On, I found myself drawn to the article about Assassin's Creed II. In this article, the author of the review blended links into the story. One was a previous review of the original Assassin's Creed. Another was a link to a character analysis of the protagonist of the original game, Altair. For a gamer like me, I really appreciate the links, especially because I'm familiar with the game. However, those who haven't played Assassin's Creed before, these links are also very useful. The first link shows why the first game failed. Maybe I'm just partial, because I love videogames, but I really enjoyed this article, and thought the use of links really added to the content of the review.


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