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"180 tons of recyclables are picked up from Tuscon residents each day."

The multimedia presenation about recycling was pretty interesting. I liked that the arizona star blended different types of multimedia. They didn't rely solely on video--they offered literature as well. Furthermore, they gave a few links to read further into the subject if necessary. I'll admit that I don't normally recycle--I'm lazy I guess, but for people like me, who really don't pay much attention to recycling, these short videos were very useful. However, I as a little annoyed that they didn't have a link to return to the main menu where users origially chose to either follow the path of garbage or the path of recycled material. It makes me think back to EL236--Writing for the Internet. In that class, I learned the importance of giving my users all of the links necessary to successfully navigate through a website. Like I said, I thought this multimedia presentation was useful, but still lacked in its mobility.




Richelle Dodaro said:

I agree, Jessie. I don't recycle as often as I should, probably out of laziness as well. This information was helpful and opened my eyes a little more to the particular issue. I also agree about the link issue. That bothered me a little, and was slightly inconvenient. Overall, it was something useful to watch and learn more about.

Aja Hannah said:

Yea. The link was on the first page and on the first page of the path that you chose, but then it was gone. That was annoying when I got to the end and wanted to go back.

I also didn't like the buttons at the bottom. They were a little hard to see and I wasn't sure fi I clicked on the right one all the time.

Yea! Writing for the Internet! I remember that lesson. Funny how I apply it to some websites that I don't even have assignments on.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

I'm thinking that part of my problem may have been that I was using Apple's safari web browser rather than internet explorer or firefox. I remember learning in EL 236, Writing for the Internet, that a GOOD website will be fully functional on as many web browsers as possible. Just a thought.

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