EL 227 Portfolio #3

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It's that time of the year again. Portfolio number 3 is ready to go. In this section of our class, we learned a lot about different types of journalism, including editorials and localized stories. Our blogs focused primarily around our readings in Haiman, which was very educational, because it shows us what problems journalists still face and how to rectify these mistakes and problems. Below is my blog portfolio to showcase all the work I've done over the past month or so.

Coverage: I wrote a blog entry for each assigned text.
  • Breaking News This was my following of several breaking news stories, and what the follow-up articles included.
  • One more trip down memory lane...destination? Editorials In this blog entry, I talked about a little about my high school paper and then launched into a discussion of what I learned from this reading--that we should include a lot of quotes in our editorials and that we should also include the opposing view.
  • Newspapers *always* seem unfair I talked about how people outside of the press do not understand how much work goes into an issue of a newspaper, and no matter what we do, we will *always* seem unfair.
  • Liberal Arts to the Rescue I talked about how much our liberal arts education will prepare me in the future to write a larger multitude of articles, because journalists are expected to write articles on a lot of stuff they've never heard of. Therefore, the liberal arts education should give me at least a little bit of a head start.
  • I'm not looking forward to this... was about my uneasiness with interviewing the families who were victims of tragedy. It's the one part of journalism really scares me, and I don't want to end up a stereotypical heartless journalist who cares more about getting the story than about being aware of someone's feelings.
  • New rules for Journalists? In this blog, I talked a little about the Kaiser-Wiggins Rule and questioned whether we can apply this rule to everything. I also mentioned that I want to try using this rule in class to see if it improves my writing.
  • Contacts = Necessity was a response to reading about Investigative reporting. I expressed my relief to see that I don't have to rely on expert witnesses for all of my sources. Sometimes the little guy gives the best feedback.

Depth: Blogs where I spent a little more time in my analysis than usual.

Interaction: My conversations with my peers on their blogs.
  • Sources make for a more credible argument--Kaitlin Monier. I participated in a discussion with Kaitlin and Jennifer in Kaitlin's entry about our assigned reading on Haiman.
  • News Essay--Aja Hannah. After Aja mentioned that the Setonian doesn't have a pro/con section in their opinions page, I asked her if she remembered their republican/democrat debates in the issues leading up to the 2008 Presidential election.
  • Columns do what?--Aja Hannah. We had a brief discussion about our confusion on columns.
  • Are You Serious?--Dianna Griffin. I contributed to Dianna's brief discussion with Angela on her entry about how hard it would be to interview the family of a crime's victim.

Discussion: My blog entries that sparked discussion on my blogs.

Timeliness: Blogs that were completed well before the due date



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