I'm not looking forward to this...

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"Send your most compassionate reporters to the homes of the victims. It's not always what they (reporters) say, it's how they say it. We're extremely sensitive and I realize that we often over-react to things, but if your reporters knew in advance a few things not to say and not to do, then they would be more comfortable, too. And you wouldn't be sending someone who's going to come back with things you can't or don't want to use. The training is really a key here."

--Haiman pg. 30

Out of all the aspects of journalism, I look forward to this part least of all. It's not that I hate interviewing people--I just hate that I always feel like I'm bothering people when I walk up to them and randomly ask them a question. I can't imagine being one of those reporters who hang outside the house of a victim's family waiting to question anyone who walks out that door. I'm not sure I ever want to experience this type of journalism. It's probably the only part I don't like.

Although a phone interview might be a little less effective, I might be more likely to use this method only because I would sincerely feel bad for the victim's family during the interviewing process. It really is a catch-22 though, isn't it? You either bombard the family with questions that might make everyone feel uncomfortable or you don't get a story. There's no happy medium. Someone's always gonna lose. This really frustrates me. :-(

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