The Cavalier Daily, similar to The Setonian Online?

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After looking at The Cavalier Daily, I have to say I'm not impressed. I'm really surprised that some of my peers think that it looks better than The Harvard Crimson. The Cavalier Daily just seems boring to me. And there's way too much scrolling. However, I do like that there is a lot more white space on this site...there isn't as much writing, which is good for online writing, because online readers get lost if there's too much text. This site reads a lot like our blogs, which has the same interface as The Setonian Online, so I'm wondering if they used Moveable Type as well. I guess it really doesn't matter, I'm just rambling.
Honestly though, I think this site is a little bland. Their stories don't even include any hyperlinks. I really shouldn't criticize too much, because it's not like the Setonian is the most spectacular online news site...and if you're reading this and you work for this paper, please understand that I'm just being honest.

I do, however, think that the Cavalier Daily is much more impressive than our site, mostly because of the inclusion of multimedia. It really makes the difference.

But there was one thing I REALLY liked about this website. They include a link to  a pdf copy of each daily newspaper issue. Although I like the idea, I wonder if it's not a little redundant. I mean, you have all the print stories online, right? So why even bother with the pdf file? Just thinking aloud...


Angela Palumbo said:

I think why most of us liked The Cavalier's site better than The Harvard Crimson's is because there is more interest above the fold. When you first open up Harvard's page, you're struck by the fact that the masthead is way too small. There is a lot of writing, and it's too small. The Cavalier's page has the three pictures at the top with the more appropriate-sized masthead. Honestly, Jessie, the reason we like it better is almost all visual except for the inclusion of the pdf paper. I don't think the pdf file is redundant because I've gone to my room a number of times without The Setonian. I think, "I wish I would've grabbed one." But, as I'm lazy, I don't go downstairs to get one. The pdf saves some paper and embraces laziness.

April Minerd said:

Again, I agree. I didn't like the text spacing of The Daily Cavalier: articles are presented on the home page as these big bundles of words. The article briefs were given almost equal emphasis as the headline, and the videos/photos were restricted to the top of the page.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

Angela--I like what you're saying about the pdf. But at the same time, I can't tell you how much it worries me that eventually, newspapers won't even be printed in the first place. Pdfs are the first step towards that. As for the Cavalier site, I just didn't like the layout. I hate that you have to scroll--on the main site, I don't think there should be a "fold," because it distracts readers.

Aja Hannah said:

I also really enjoyed the PDF. It saves tress (kind of because the energy it takes to run a computer/internet is pretty large). What is really impressive is that they are still daily papers, online and in print.

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