Yay for another book about a Journalist!

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The final event of John Henry Days was her first assignment, it turned out differently than expected, and she remembers instructions from last semester's Intro Journalism class....She approaches an older couple dressed in identical green and red jogging suits. She identifies herself as a writer for Charleston Daily Mail and asks them what they have seen. The witnesses point up to the bandstan. The witnesses point to the groups ministering to the dying. She canvasses the witnesses and tries to get the story.

--John Henry Days, pg. 25

I always get excited when I get the opportunity to read a fiction book about a journalist--let alone multiple journalists in one book. Last fall, in Dr. Wendland's Travel Literature, my class read Ride With Me Mariah Montana, which was also about a print journalist and a photo journalist. I know that these stories are fiction, but they really seem to grip me because they tell stories of everything I hope to experience some day as a reporter for a newspaper or magazine. 

In my News Writing class, we just finished learning about being sensitive to the victims of tragedies. When I first read about the disaster that Joan witnessed, I immedately thought of News Writing and wondered how she would approach the witnesses. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more detail, but I understand that this isn't what the book is mainly about, so I respect that. In News Writing, we also covered spot news, which is basically what Joan was assigned to do when she had to cover the postage stamp. Dr. Jerz reminded us to keep our eyes open for something to make the story truly newsworthy, and crime usually does that. We never know when a story is going to break open.

I felt myself cringe when Joan was searching for her pen, but at the same time, I thought to myself, what kind of journalist only carries ONE pen with her...I usually have half a dozen...but then again, I think I have an obsession with pens that is partly to blame from working at Staples for so long. 

So far, I'm really enjoying this book. Like I said earlier, I love reading fiction novels about journalists, because they always seem to go on some really great adventures. I'm realistic in acknowledging that not all journalism is this glorified, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

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