EL 227 Portfolio #4

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Ahh, the end has finally arrived. Going into this class, I thought I would be in good shape with my previous knowledge from High school, but I hafta say, I've learned a lot about ethics from Haiman, and I feel like my AP Styleguide knowledge has strengthened as well. I remember being angry during one of our clicker exercises, because I learned in high school that one through ten were spelled out and 11-infinity were numerals, so I got the question wrong. Now, I'm not sure if I've always been doing this wrong, or if the rule has recently changed, but that's just one example of what I've learned from this class. I also learned a lot about the different types of news articles. I never really took into account that an accident or crime report is written so differently from a spot news article. All in all, I feel like I've grown a lot over the course of this semester thanks to this class, and not just as a journalist, but as a writer in general as well.

Coverage--all the assigned readings I blogged entries for:
  • The Comment Gracious -- Crimson Review I linked to both Josie and Angela's entries, as well as to the Setonian Online
  • The Comment Informative -- Jen's Crowded Webpage. I commented on Jen's response to the online newspaper websites and gave some of my insights that were drawn from my experiences gained in Writing for the Internet.
  • Educational, but hard to navigate --in this blog, I brought some of my prior education in, because I learned about web design in EL 236. I linked to the course website from when I was enrolled in the class.
  • Crimson Review was my best blog in this portfolio. I think this entry fit all of the criteria of a great blog entry: timeliness, depth, discussion and interaction, and xenoblogging.

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