What is fun??

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What is my definition of fun?

That's a really tough question to answer. I guess anything that I find enjoyable would be considered fun. It has to keep my interest and usually if I'm having fun, I lose track of time, so it's kind of an escape in that respect as well. I don't really have a definite answer to the question, because I find so many different things to be fun. I suppose you could say that if it provides entertainment, it is fun, but then again, isn't entertainment just a synonym for fun?

What kind of videogame is not fun for me?

I hate real-time strategy games, like final fantasy, but I have to explain this one. I LOVE the storylines behind those games. For example, the main reason I played Final Fantasy 10 for such an extended period of time was mostly because of the story line.  I can't say that I absolutely hate strategy games like Final fantasy--it's just that I don't like the whole turn-based action. I guess you could call me impatient...I love a good hack and slasher or 1st person shooter. But I also like strategy games like The Sims and Black and White. It really just depends on the game. I'll give any game a chance, but I usually know pretty early on whether or not I like it.

How has my own definition of "fun" changed over the years?

Again with the hard questions! I guess I could say that it's grown wider as I've grown up, because when I was younger I hated reading books, but somewhere in elementary school I fell in love with reading, so that's a big part of "fun" for me. It's all about the escape to another reality that gets me, and taking risks. I'm a bit of a daredevil, so that's one of the main reasons videogames attract me, because I'd love to be able to climb cliffs and do all that awesome stuff that video game heros (and heroines) like Lara Croft do.

What other issues did this clip raise in my mind?

What about cheat codes? That question posed at the end of the clip really got me thinking. When I was younger--as in middle and high school--I was all about using cheat codes and walkthroughs. Gamewinners.com and gamefaqs.com were two sites that I frequented daily for help through my videogames. But somewhere along the way, I lost my interest in using cheat codes. In the sims, for instance, I could use cheats to give my sims enough money to build my dream house, but then what was the point in getting them jobs and all that jazz? The challenge evaporates. Now that I think of it, in a way, cheat codes have changed in my definition of fun. When I was younger, I thought they were fun, but now not so much, because they eliminate all challenge for me. I don't even use walkthroughs unless I'm absolutely stumped, because then I don't feel like it's an accomplishment when I finish the game.

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