Deadline exp.

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And et, since solving an adventure game is usually very difficult, it requires extreme sensitivity to details. The contract between user and text in "interactive ficiton" is not merely a "willing suspension of disbeliefe" but a willing suspension of one's normal capacity for language, physical aptness, and social interaction as well."

Aarseth on Deadline pg. 117

I never pay enough attention to detail when I play these IF games. Usually, that's why I end up dead--or frustrated. For example, I tried playing Deadline before I read this chapter and then revisited the game briefly afterwards. During my first play through, it never even occurred to me to try fingerprinting things, even though that's what detectives usually do. I spent most of my time just wandering around the house and its surroundings. 
One of the thing I enjoyed about this particular IF game was the sense of humor the author seemed to have. Instead of just saying "the toilet has nothing of interest" or something to that effect, he writes "You have stooped to a new low, snooping around toilet bowls. Wait! Something catches your eye--was is the Tidy-bowl man? Is he the murderer? Naw..."
Stuff like that just makes me smile while I'm reading these games, even if I do grow VERY frustrated over time.

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