Ebooks are the Future :-)

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An "e-book," unlike a printed codex, can contain many layers arranged in the shape of a pyramid. Readers can download the text and skim through the topmost layer, which will be written like an ordinary monograph. If it satisifes them, they can print it out, bind it, and study it at their convenience in the form of a custom-made paperback. If they come upon something that especially interests them, they can click down a layer to a supplementary essay or appendix. They can continue deeper through the book, through bodies of documents, bibliography, historiography, iconography, background music, everything I can provide to give the fullest possible understanding of my subject.

--Darnton 61-62

I'm not sure about the Kindle, but I know for sure that the iPad meets most, if not all of Darnton's expectations. In my Magazine Writing class last week, the E-I-C of Pittsburgh Magazine showed us a video of what Wired Magazine hopes to do with an e-book version of their magazine. And I have to say, I felt myself trembling with joy of the possibilities.



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