Hypertext's like a play

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A user of a hypertext novel, for instance, who annotates and relinks his or her copy of the hypertext structure, is not on the same level of discourse as the novel's creator.

Aarseth, 167

This passage completely describes why I love hypertext and interactive fiction so much. This new form of literature allows you to recreate an otherwise unoriginal story or essay. Like Aarseth says later on the same page, hypertext resembles plays and musicals in that each production will be slightly different, depending on the audience, director and actors. For hypertext and interactive fiction, however, it's different for each experience, because every time you either play the game or work through a hypertext fiction story, you probably won't take the same path. There will be times when you don't need to access some links, so your experience will be different. 
I keep going back to this in my research paper as well. One of the greatest thing about this new form of literature is the fact that hypertext offers so many different paths for its users and readers. I cannot say it enough times that this really is the future for literature. And, I can't wait!!

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