EL 405 Scratch Project Progress Report

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At this point in my scratch project, I've developed two distinct maze levels for the user to navigate through. I created three sprites thus far that generate a game over screen when the user's sprite (mickey) touches them. I'm still in the process of creating an "intelligent" game sprite that can navigate its own way through the maze levels. I've got a few ideas on how to make this happen, but I'm focusing on creating the third level at the moment.

So far, I've had one successful user testing subjext. One of the freshmen on my golf team trie to navigate through the first level of the maze. As it turns out, she was unsuccessful, because there were a few narrow coridoors that were not passable. My tester also found a second way to navigate through my maze. This second route was not my intention, because it took about half the time compared to the other route. Since her testing, I've created an additional wall to block off that route.

At this point, I'm still having some glitches when the user runs into walls. I keep finding temporary solutions, but I'm not satisfied. I'm really worried that I'll have to make the corridors wider, which will make the maze easier in my opinion. I'm going to further explore my options before settling for a less extreme version of the current glitch.

Here's my list of things to do by next thursday:

  • Create 2-3 more levels (5 total?)
  • Create the intelligent sprite(s)
  • fix the on-going glitch where the user sprite gets stuck on walls
  • Create an introduction
  • Create a button sprite on the game over screen that will start the user back at level one
  • Create the "win" background
  • Make the bat and cat sprites hover over the actual navigating antagonist sprites.

These goals are in no particular order, and I'm aware that I probably won't complete every task on my list. I'm determined to finish as many as I can, but I'm going to focus the majority of my energy on making the bats and cats over, creating the winning screen and fixing that glitch.

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