Usability Testing is REALLY Useful!

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In a good usability test, your testers will use your document to do whatever your real users want to do.

--Usability Testing: 8 Quick Tips


I've already worked through a couple usability tests. Both have been very successful, and have proven the above statement. However, because this statement is true, I've still got a lot of work to do on my project. At this point in time, both of the individuals I used for testers looked to me for directions on exactly how to play the game.

"Do I just use the arrow keys?" They both asked me, so it looks like that's where one of my greatest weakness lies. Because of this observation, I'm moving that up to the top of my list on my agenda.

I like to think of Usability testing as a parallel to asking someone to read over my rough draft of a big term paper. I usually lose points on grammar, because I've read something so many times that I cannot see my own errors. In a similar fashion, it helps to sit back and watch an outsider work her way through my program, because it shows me where my strengths and weaknesses are. For example, I mentioned in my progress blog last week that my first usability tester found an alternate route through my maze. Had I not done usability testing, future gamers would've avoided much peril in my game.

At this point in the stage, I'm still working out a lot of bugs, but the project's becoming quite polished. I need to do probably two additional usability tests to work out the remaining kinks. I'll try to blog again with those results as well.


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