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For our third unit in EL 405: New Media Projects, we were assigned with the task of creating a webpage in a web-app format. While many of my peers chose to create personal portfolio pages, I decided to take a little more initiative. Because of SHU's recent expansion, specifically involving technology, now is the time to create an app for our online version of our paper, the Setonian Online

In order to format our app, I took a look at several successful news apps and drew from each of their strengths. Initially, my plan was to create a different view for landscape vs. portrait orientation. However, at the time, I acknowledged that this was a rather ambitious goal, so for now I'm sticking strictly to a basic portrait orientation that will simply stretch to fit landscape orientation.

Even though I did not meet all of my goals and expectations for this project, I'm very proud of the work I managed to get done. With Dr. Jerz's template .css and .html coding for the ipad app-style, I was able to create a functional list for articles online. In fact, my actual product turned out very similar to the one I created as a mock version in photoshop. Little changes were made in order to simplify coding, but for the most part, the pages I finished in time for this deadline are very successful.

I'm most proud of my ability to use another user's code to create a horizontal navigation bar with virtually no help from Dr. Jerz. I also was able to create a feature or main story division at the top of each news page to draw in readers to the leading story. This too proved to be difficult in some ways, but I managed to create a format that is easy to read and comprehend.

Lastly, although the links are not active at the moment, I've set up some icons at the bottom of the page to share stories with friends via email, twitter and facebook. At this point, I simply used icons I found online, which are not sized exactly the same. In the future, I hope to make images that are more appropriately sized, and possibly include additional.

When we revisit this project in the coming weeks, I hope to create the landscape format that I mentioned in my proposal. I still acknowledge that it's rather ambitous, but I also feel that I'm up to the challenge--coding is frustrating, but fun for me.

So, without further delay, here's my page so far...Please note that not all of the pages are live at the moment--It's basically a skin for the bigger picture in the long run.  Setonian Online App

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