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For my second project in EL 405, I designed a murder mystery game. During my initial usability test, I found plenty of issues to resolve. Initally, I only had two endings, both losses.  So, as part of my revision, I created a win scenario.

My user made a comment about contaminating evidence as well, so I created gloves to prevent evidence contamination.

During my screencast usability test, I learned a lot about my game. I'd already implemented some changes, but needed to trouble shoot them. I coded the game to prompt a loss if the player picked up any objects without wearing the gloves. However,I never told the player in my text that she needed to wear gloves. Thus, she expressed frustration when the game ended before she could do anything.

To fix this issue, I set the game up to warn the player once before ending the game. I also prevented the player from leaving the room without wearing the gloves. That way, even if the other clues aren't big enough hints, eventually he'll have to check his inventory and will hopefully put on the gloves.

Another issue I ran into during my second usability test was the lack of direction for the player. I gave her full reign to travel throughout the map without concequence (aside from losing after a select number of turns). To create a more linear game, I set up a few puzzles on the bottom level to explain some of the functionality of the game. The player didn't understand that she needed to give clues to her partner, so I added some descriptions suggesting that the player try showing evidence to the player.

In my revision, I talk about these issues, as well as a few others. Namely, I discuss the way in which I coded the "partner-mood" to prompt the win. In order to win, the player must give a certain amount of clues in succession to the partner to improve the partner's mood. Giving a non-clue moves the partner-mood in a negative diretion.

Aside from these revisions, I fixed some typos and also some room descriptions that mentioned directions to additional rooms that I never had the chance to actually code.

My screencast revisions are separated into two videos for viewing:

Revision Part 1

Revision Part 2

Check out my game! I'd love to hear your feedback.


El 405

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