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Although my working app prior to the revision stage was pretty sound, I knew I could make some major changes to improve the display. At the end of the unit, I created a few icons to link to "share this" pages. With the help of Dr. Jerz, I learned that there is javascript existing that already has the share this code. So, as one of my major revisions, I replaced my unworking icons with these ones.

In my usability test, you can see that the user doesn't have too much trouble navigating through my pages. Her biggest issues was the fact that a lot of my pages do not exist yet--they're simply there for decoration. One of the things I did fix, however was the window in the ipad. During her test, when I rotated to landscape view, the page took up more space than the display offered. Dr. Jerz gave us some new code to fix this issue.

One of my biggest changes this time around, however was my adding of photos to the design. I replaced the fake "frog" story with a legit story that was written for the setonian last issue. I made the picture, headline and description linkable. The only issue I had with this is the fact that chevrons appear on all three sections, when realy only need them for one. The same "main" story is found on the news, a&e and home pages.

In my mock-up, I envisioned thumbnail pictures next to the stories that included photos. Although I didn't include this the first time around, I added it in my revision. In the 5 greatest ipad cases article, you'll see that I formated several photos to fit in the text, to allow for stories with mutliple photos.

Check out my revision video to understand all of the change I implemented.

I plan to use this project as my final project as well.


EL 405

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