Dear Prince Prospero,

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""Who dares"-- he demanded hoarsely of the couriers who stood near him-- "who dares insult us with this blasphemous mockery? Seize him and unmask him- that we may know whom we have to hang, at sunrise, from the battlements!" (359).

Dear Prince Prospero,

I'm sorry to report this, but life does not extend forever. After all, what did you expect, living during the time of the "Red Death"? I know that this death seems supernatural- something that could never happen to you. After all, you're "happy, dauntless and sagacious" (357). Why should anything horrible ever happen to you and your kingdom?

Well, even though you attempted to place your kingdom in seclusion, it's almost impossible to remain this way indefinately. Did you actually think that "a masked ball of most unusual magnificance" (357) would mask the horrific occurrences from which you ran? Prospero, did you not realize that life, like disease, cannot be segregated and segmented to the point of seclusion? You of all people should know this; your house is built in such a manner that speaks in this revelatory way. The rooms of your home have "folding doors (that) slide back nearly to the walls on  either hand, so that the view of the whole extent is scarcely impeded" (357). There is always a way in. Disease will spread.

Prospero, I do not know if you secluded yourself because you were afraid of dying, or just afraid of the inevitability of it all. Time must pass, however, whatever occurrences ensue. Why, then, did you rush through each room of your house, "hurriedly through the six chambers?" (360). And why did none of your guests follow you? You offered them false and self-absorbed protection. You invited them so that you would not die alone, but in the end, you died alone. 



Dear Jessica,

you are extremely creative. I don't appreciate Prospero's attempt to avoid the red death either. I have actually compared him to those people who wear the masks in the airport. Yea, they're pretty pathetic. Anyways, I am linking my blog (or attempting to) so that you can look at my rendition of the red death.


JessicaOrlowski Author Profile Page said:

Dear Dianna, Oh Thanks :) That's a really interesting point about the masks in the airports!! I never even thought of that. Also, thank you for writing me a letter. That was rather creative yourself. Sincerely, Jessica

I love the idea of blogging in the form of a letter. When I keep a diary (and I don't really do this much any more), I do it in the form of letters to myself. It lets me be more objective so I can later analyze my decisions at the time. I love it :)

I feel like it was stupid for Prospero to run through all the rooms, knowing he would eventually reach an end. But, it's possible that death was only targeting him, and therefore running just delayed the inevitable.

JessicaOrlowski Author Profile Page said:

I write letters to myself all the time!!

Prospero was just stupid in general during that story. I agree that death was targeting him to an extent. Perhaps it already targeted the others in the house. Or, saying that the house is Prospero's life, perhaps you're right. Maybe he was the only one that needed to die, and because he didn't want to die alone, he made all those people up in his head.

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