Who is Making the Distinction, Then?

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"or records- Bessie, bop, or Bach." (line 24, Theme For English B- Hughes)

For a very, very long time, human beings have used music to express themselves. No matter what language one speaks, most humans are connected through music. While music solders a bond between people of different languages and backgrounds, it also promotes distinction; jazz music is primarily associated with people of the African American ethnicity, while country music is associated with those in the southern United States. However, where did these distinctions come from? In his poem "Theme For English B," Langston Hughes attempts to question these distinctions, then tramples on them, showing that music should be recognized along with its most basic purpose- to unite human beings.

One of the most interesting lines in "Theme for English B" is line 27: "So will my page be colored that I write?" This relates to lines 4 and 5- "And let that page come out of you-/ Then, it will be true." I believe that Hughes is attempting to show how important writing had become to him. He implies how he feels completely controlled by the assumptions people place upon people of his race, and then, by Bach, a composer associated with Caucasions, Hughes attempts to shock the reader. 

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