An Encounter... In Death?

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The Scarlet Letter - Hawthorne
"So strangely did they meet, in the dim wood, that it was like the first encounter, in the world beyond the grave, of two spirits who had been immediately connected in their former life, but now stood coldly shuddering, in mutual dread; as not yet familiar with their state, nor wonted to the companionship of disembodied beings. Each a ghost, and awe-stricken at the other ghost!" (pg. 171)

This passage shows the awkwardness and strangeness of Hester and Dimmesdale's meeting. Hawthorne is equating it to their meeting after death, saying that it was if they are no longer connected and this is the first time they see that. Further, each one seems to be a different being, and they are 'awe-stricken' at the sight of each other. It's very hard to relate to this passage, but it is understandable. It was a good example to show the situation between the two people. 

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