Blogging is scary...

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Wildcard for Portfolio 1: Honestly, when I entered this class, I was scared about the blogging part. Yes, it's easy to share ideas... but what if my ideas weren't intelligent or thought out fully? What if people read my blog and think, "Oh, she has no idea what she's doing!" Those were my initial fears. Now, I feel as though I have developed as a blogger. At first, I just wrote down whatever popped into my head, as I thought the definition of a blog should be. But after reading my classmates blogs and listening to class and group discussion, I realized how to add depth and new ideas to my reflections on the blog. I feel as though my blogs become more 'academic', if you will, each week. Overall, this has been a positive experience. I don't really dread blogging as much as I did before, and it is nice to share ideas. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, I will become an excellent blogger!

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