I believe I can fly, spread my wings and touch the sky

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Foster - How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Ch13-15)

"It's really pretty straightforward: flight is freedom." pg: 128

No arguing with that. When I was little, I once climbed up on our roof and decided that I could fly, but instead landed in a big pile of snow. It was worth the trouble I got into though, and the fall, because I just felt free. The same has to go for literature. If you can fly, you aren't tied down by gravity. Your mind, body, and soul are free to roam wherever they please. Flying is almost always symbolic of those qualities, unless you are superman and must answer the call of the people. 


I did not even relate the freedom of flying to what you need to read. That is a great point. Have preconceived ideas about a story before you read it always effect how you understand the story. It only makes sense that the reader needs to let go as well. Great point!

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