Knowing Your Interests

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The soul selects her own society - Emily Dickenson

"Choose one;
Then close the valves of her attention
Like stone." (Dickenson)

I found this poem to be very intriguing. Very simply put, some people choose the objects or paths they are interested in, and shut out the rest. Perhaps this could be a reflection of Dickenson's outlook on life. She could be telling the world that she does, or used to, shut out all avenues that she was not interested in. Or, she could be analyzing people in her life. There is no way to know for sure..


She could also be suggesting that we really don't have a choice, "the soul selects her own society." I hadn't thought of it as her telling us her choice really... I definitely am now though!

Jessica Pierce said:

I never thought of it as not having a choice. Thats also a possibility. Oh, the multi facets of poetry...

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