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Mallioux - The Bad-Boy Boom (pg:43-50)


"I cannot subscribe to the extreme censure passed upon this volume, which is no coarser than Mark Twain's books usually are, while it has a vein of deep morality beneath its exterior of falsehood and vice, that will redeem it in the eyes of mature persons." (pg: 49)


This is one of the most positive reviews for Twain, saying that the book is for mature adults, not the "bad-boy" young men genre. There are so many moral twists in the story that young male readers would never want or care to understand. Yes, there is vulgarity. Yes, there is immorality. That's life. It's all part of what makes this novel still popular today. It brings out the truth of the situation and definitely does not sugar coat anything. I understand the concerns that the novel is too graphic and inappropriate, and it probably is for some ages. Mature readers should take the novel in for what it is, along with all the anecdotes that go along with it. It's a tale of lies, deceit, and all the dirtiness of life that most people try to look past. Bad boys might enjoy the adventure Tom seeks, but there are many other elements for older readers. It is sad the novel was banned for a while, but at least it's still around today for us to analyze and argue. 

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