A Look Into Education

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"To stimulate wildly weak and untrained minds is to play with mighty fires; to flout their striving idly is to welcome a harvest of brutish crime and shameless lethargy in our very laps. The guiding of thought and the deft coördination of deed is at once the path of honor and humanity." (paragraph 6, Of the Training of Black Men)

I picked this quote because of the vivid language. I thought Du Bois worded this very exquisitely and well. He is saying that once we educate all, we will achieve a path of honor. I find this to be true; education is essential to avoid a "harvest" described above. 

"So far as white men are concerned, this fact is to-day being recognized in the South, and a happy renaissance of university education seems imminent. But the very voices that cry hail to this good work are, strange to relate, largely silent or antagonistic to the higher education of the Negro." (paragraph 24, Of the Training of Black Men)

Oh, an ode to the hypocrites. Of course, in every situation, there will be those who are skeptical to new ideas. But this development is necessary. Du Bois presents the debate with excellent points and evidence concluding that higher education will be beneficial to everyone. We must give equal education to all to become a united front. 

Overall, both articles had really beautiful language and great evidence and structure of  points. I sometimes found myself re-reading passages because of the wording - it's very intricate and can sometimes be confusing, but definitely states exactly what Du Bois intended to say. 

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