A New Way of Thinking

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"What this book represents is not a database of all the cultural codes by which writers create and readers understand the products of that creation, but a template, a pattern, a grammar of sorts from which you can learn to look for those codes on your own." (pg: 280)

What an interesting take on his writings. I really enjoyed reading this book - I now see that it is a template for codes. It really helped me see all kinds of literature in a different light. I never thought about the symbolism of certain things, or reoccurring themes before reading this book. With every chapter, a new "code" is added to your brain. Like, take for instance the symbolism of drowning. The next time you read about a character drowning in a work of literature, you are bound to think of it differently, and maybe connect the water to some other deeper meaning stated in this book. The template, or pattern, is set in your brain. Basically, the template changes your way of thinking, whether you like it or not. Envoi!


Kayla Lesko said:

It seems that a good bit of people picked this quote. This book certainly does a good job telling readers what to look for. It would be a good thing to read for people who don't really enjoy reading.

Michelle Siard said:

Your right, till I read this chapter, it never dawned on me the many different ways one word can be viewed. Like you said with drowning. It can mean something deeper than what you origanally thought. I also agree with Kayla Lesko, abouth how this book tells you what to look for, which does indeed help people who don't like to read.

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