Boy-play world

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"Tom's visions are, of course, youthful versions of the bad faith mechanisms adults use in his community every day. He does not actually see the case-knife, but he must act consistently as though he does in order to maintain the coherence of his boy-play world." (pg:4)

I found this quote to be interesting. I never thought of Tom's actions as his interpretation of the evil he sees in his surrounding adult world. But, it does make sense. Children learn from their surroundings, and Tom was responding to those surroundings and the stories supplied to him. The statement "he must act consistently" suggests that Tom's world would fall apart without his play world. 

In fact, I wonder what Tom's world would be like without his fanciful play world. Everything he knows would be challenged - he would be forced to face the reality and quite possibly (gasp) grow up! 

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