Isn't It Ironic?

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Foster - How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Ch25&26)

"Irony trumps everything." (pg: 235)

This rings true in a lot of situations. Most people thrive for ironic situations, and like to share and tell about them later. It is the same type of situation for works of literature. The book's example of "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a great example. It says that the statement "her hair has gone quite gold from grief" works because we expect stress to turn hair white. Someone becoming blonde or golden in grief suggests that they have not suffered as much, or the situation isn't what it seems, which makes it ironic. Its interesting to find the ironies in stories and decode them to find the true meaning. Irony is a key part of any work of literature.

Personally, I always enjoy the ironies of life and picking them out in the things we read. I always read into things, maybe too far, but certainly enough for personal enjoyment. My friends and I always share the ironies we find in our daily lives and laugh about it later. Maybe we can do so with literature too...

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