Life-changing Manipulation

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"Regardless of whether we credit Jim forethought in this matter, it is undeniable that he turns Tom's attempt to humiliate him into a major personal triumph." (pg: 364)

I never really thought of this either. Jim seems so goodhearted, yet when "Tom gives him an inch, he takes an ell." He totally fabricated Tom's prank for publicity and fame in the slave world. Like the book suggests, he does use this fame to elevate himself from his slave status. Because he had a crazy witch experience, he isn't just an ordinary slave - he is special. 

The book states, "by becoming, in effect, an author, Jim writes himself a new destiny." I agree, since because he is so popular and people travel to hear his stories, his whole life will be altered.  Also, Jim would not be able to complete this transformation if he wasn't intelligent. His wit is the key to his success.

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