A Reflection on Blogging

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As of now, I feel like I can claim that I truly am a blogger. At the beginning of this class, I definitely never thought I would ever like blogging or want to blog. But it's actually a release for me. I like writing, or blogging, about what we read. It helps me get my thoughts out. I see why it has become so popular lately; it's actually kind of fun. Although I cannot say I have enjoyed every assignment, I can say that I have become a better communicator by relaying my thoughts to my classmates through intelligent and informed entries. I can also say I've learned time management and the value of doing the work before it's due to avoid stress.

Overall, blogging has been a positive experience. There have been times I wished the blogs.setonhill.edu site would just shut down, but it really has helped me in many ways. Its nice to get feedback from classmates and have discussions over interesting topics that we all write about. I will probably keep blogging or start a journal of some sort after this class to keep track of my thoughts in a clear, concise way. Who knows, maybe my blog will be famous someday... but for now, I'll stick with my setonhill blog.

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