Angel of Gawd.

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    "The boy bent over her and stared at the long pink-gold hair and the half-shut sleeping eyes. Then he looked up and stared at Mr. Shiftlet. 'She looks like an angel of Gawd,' he murmured.
    'Hitch-hiker,' Mr. Shiftlet explained. 'I can't wait. I got to make Tuscaloosa.'
    The boy bent over again and very carefully touched his finger to a strand of the golden hair and Mr. Shiftlet left."
("The Life You Save May Be Your Own" pg. 60)

I was so surprised that he just left her like that (and I found it odd that it was described in such a nonchalant way). I wondered why he did that. Wasn't she the girl he wanted? Wasn't she innocent and trash-less enough? Why did he gradually become so disappointed in her that he just left her?

Reading on, I came to another part, just after he picks up the random boy:

    "'My mother was an angel of Gawd,' Mr. Shiftlet said in a very strained voice. 'He took her from heaven and giver to me and I left her.' His eyes were instantly clouded over with a mist of tears. The car was barely moving."
(pg. 62)

Then the boy jumps out of the car for whatever reason (that was beyond me). Anyways, he begins reminiscing about his mother and seemed very upset that he left her. Was he ultimately looking for a woman just like his mother?

I think so.

Here's heaven.


Greta Carroll said:

It is possible he wanted a woman like his mother. I took it more though that he left Lucynell like that because she was too pure and innocent. If you notice, he leaves her after the boy at the restaurant says she is like an angel. Mr. Shiflet, I think, does like to be reminded of how far he has degraded himself and how lost he is. It almost seems to me that he doesn’t want any help, or to get better. His mother steered him in the right direction, and he left her. Now he had another chance, a chance to start over, with this new “angel”. Yet, he throws it all away, preferring to live in sin. After all, if he had stayed with Lucynell the life (as in his spirit) he saved may have been his own

Jessie Farine said:

Maybe so. With the context, I could see it that way as well. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you view it), we don't have the big book of correct interpretations to prove either of us wrong.

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