Deadhead, deadhead, you're a lousy joke

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"The three of them, husband, wife, and visitor, ravenously consume the meat loaf, potatoes, and vegetables, and in the course of that experience our narrator finds his antipathy toward the blind man beginning to break down. He discovers he has something in common with this stranger---eating as a fundamental element of life---that there is a bond between them. What about the dope they smoke afterward?" (Foster 10)

It was especially good placement to have the first line on the end of the last page and the line about dope on the beginning of the next page. It was very surprising to read. I like how blunt it is - no pun intended. It is understandable how a dinner scene can work this revelation out, seeing as how even though the man is handicapped, he can handle himself on his own. The bigoted man begins to respect the blind man. I guess sharing marijuana would help as well, seeing as how they can bond while being stoned stupid.

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