Ford, The Elizabethan Emo Kid

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Ford: ...My heart is ready to crack with impatience. Who says this is improvident jealousy? My wife hath sent to him, the hour is fixed, the match is made. Would any man have thought this? See the hell of having a false woman! My bed shall be abused, my coffers ransacked, my reputation gnawn at; and I shall not only receive this villainous wrong, but stand under the adoption of abominable terns, and by him that does me this wrong....
(Merry Wives of Windsor, Act II, Scene 2, lines 276-85)

O', what turmoil falls upon Sir Ford! This passage brings us into deep into Ford's turbulent thoughts. We can really feel his pain, his anguish, and his jealousy; effective showing, to say the least. Jimmy Eat World would kill to write anguish like that.

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