His hate and pain, drowned in their blood.

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"'Victory comes late' expresses Dickinson's quiet bitterness toward a God who promises so much to his people, and yet distributes merely crumbs allowing them just a glimpse of real joy." (Monteiro 32)

Not only have I read the poem and the subsequent article and could see the point Monteiro was trying to make, but I too have felt the same way about "God." How can a being be a good god when, if it is believed to be the cause of everything, it causes famine, war, poverty, and all sorts of general suffering? Struggles make people stronger, sure, but suffering is different. Suffering is long term, with no end in sight, and one can only be lucky to survive true suffering (famine, etc.). Can you really be thankful to a god that puts others through that? Can that god really be good? I can completely relate to Dickinson's criticisms.

P.S. This doesn't reflect my views on bigoted Christians, religious wars, the Inquisitions and witch hunts, destroying American natives for their beliefs, Islamic extremists, etc. That is not the fault of God, but the fault of people perverting the message that God gave to them through their respective prophets. That's a whole different, endless level of criticism for me



Ally Hall said:

I agree with you when you say you share views with Dickinson. I like to question why a God, who's supposed to be kind and loving, would allow war and famine to happen. I think that's just something that individuals have to think about and wonder about for themselves and come up with their own personal beliefs.

Deana Kubat said:

your point of view is good. i never thought abotu dickinson's views on this whole war thing, but over all i can see it happeneing like that. but what about the war in general?

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