Monty Python and the Merry Wives of Windsor

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"Evans: Shall I tell you a lie? I do despise a liar as I do despise one that is false, or as I despise one that is not true. The knight Sir John is there; and, I beseech you, be ruled by your well-willers. I will peat the door for Master Page. [Knocks.] What, ho! Got pless your house here." (Merry Wives of Windsor, lines 63-8)

Sir Hugh Evans is obviously a ridiculous character, and it is interesting that he is established as such so early on in the play. His accent and his circular thinking (how he hates liars, false people, and people who aren't true - all being the same thing) effectively show that he is a ridiculous character. No need for a character to jump right out and shout, "Sir Hugh Evans, you are a ridiculous character!" which is quite obvious, explicit, and openly shown. He seems like he could fit in well with a Monty Python skit.


Stephanie Wytovich said:

hahaha that was awesome that you related this to a Monty Python skit. I couldn't agree with you more. The way Evans goes around in that confusing manner, trying to convince himeself of the inevitable and contradicting himself in the mean time, reminds me completely of the characters in the movie! Good comparison!

Angela Palumbo said:

I was going to let these lines pass without feeding my addiction but because you mentioned it, I now must call to attention that Evans reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow here. I wonder if they didn't inject just a little bit of Evans into Jack Sparrow ("It's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow"). Though, the difference is clearly that Captain Jack Sparrow is an intelligent character who talks in circles to deliberately confuse people (or maybe because he's always hitting the bottle of rum). Either way, he is no idiot, like Evans. I could go on and on about how much I'm in love with Captain Jack Sparrow, but I don't want to bore anyone.

Greta Carroll said:

Jessie, Sir Hugh Evans really is a ridiculous character, speech impediment and all. And Shakespeare does do a good job of establishing that right away. The scene really is reminiscent of Monty Python, I am sure that the creators of Monty Python were familiar with Shakespeare and very well could have taken a leaf or two out of his book.

Hahaha, this quote is great. I originally chose it for my blog entry but changed my mind at the last minute. Everything Evans says almost seems like a paradox. I could definitely see him a Monty Python character.

Deana Kubat said:

i think that most of the characters in this play are ridiculous! but thats what makes it so great to read. Falstaff is just the same with his smart ass ways, but thats what makes them characters that you remember.

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