Now is the winter of our discount tent

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"What he does, brilliantly, is to invest it with a specificity and a continuity that force us to really see not only the thing he describes - the end of autumn and the coming of winter - but the thing he's really talking about, namely the speaker's standing on the edge of old age." (Foster 176)

I can really see and feel what Foster (and Shakespeare) are implying with seasons. It is easy to see how fall can represent entering middle or old age (with the trees' leaves decaying from green to yellow and eventually falling to the ground) and winter can represent death (trees are completely withered and leafless, birds don't sing, even bugs are gone). My birthday is in September, and the seasons really enhance my perception of getting older because my next year of life begins with this transition into old age and death. I'm 19 now and probably in the prime of my life, but when I see the leaves withering and decaying and leaving the trees bare, I can't help but feel older myself. I'll really feel it when I'm 40.

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