Oh, what the hell... Congrats, son-in-law!

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Page: Well, what remedy? Fenton, heaven give thee joy! What cannot be eschewed must be embraced.
(The Merry Wives of Windsor, lines 233-4)

The message is simple: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. In this case though, it seems completely unbelievable. How often would a father instantly embrace a man that he despised when he secretly marries his daughter and beats out his choice suitor? It would be nice if people changed their feelings so simply and instantly, but that is hardly ever the case. Fathers tend to value their daughters very highly, and they want the best man to claim her for their wife. You would think Page would be infuriated to know that Fenton secretly took Anne and married her instead of Slender. I guess it's nice that he just put on a smile and embraced Fenton. It's nice for Anne as well, since she basically never had a choice in the entire play.


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