Why? Because Jessie will always procrastinate (but eventually complete his work and learn to know better).

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Longest blog title ever.

Anyways, I'm Jessie Farine, and I'm 50% of the male population in my class (professor excluded). I am a freshman in my second semester at Seton hill University, and I'm in it for the long haul. This class that I am blogging for is known as EL150 - Introduction to Literary Studies. This is the introductory course for the English major at Seton Hill University. Since I want to be an English major (I'm currently undeclared), I figured I should try this class out and see what it's like. It's not so bad.

The purpose of this blogging portfolio is to tie together all of my blogs up to this point and find out what I've learned.

What have I learned?

Besides the fact that man will always be man, I've learned that I really need to pick up the slack. I won't make any excuses; I, very simply, have been procrastinating. I have spent the last almost 10 hours making up stuff that I haven't done lately and proving to myself that I have a work ethic. It feels rewarding to accomplish a massive catch-up like that, but I learned that, ultimately, it's just better to do the assignment sooner rather than later.

These blogs include a direct quote from the assigned reading, identify the source of the quote, and links back to the course web page devoted to that reading (all of my blogs contain this, so I'll just list blogs that don't fit into any of the following lists):

These blogs I posted on time (such as agenda items posted 24 hours before the class discussion, or reflection papers posted before the class meeting):

In this blog, Jeanine O'Neal left a comment in my blog which I replied to on her blog. Here is my blog with her comment and her blog with my reply:
In this blog, I replied to Dr. Jerz's comments about "Trifles" and how it can be taken in two different lights.

These blogs attracted many comments from my peers:

Very simply, these blogs show my ability to write in depth:
My blog "I know this feeling of regret" inspired Greta Carroll's Looking Beyond the Feminist Read.

These are classmates' blogs where I left a significant comment that was part of a fruitful discussion:

I noticed that my best blogs were the most timely ones as well. I really have to stop procrastinating; it yields better results.

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