A Tale of Two Futures

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"Once, after a class, a few of my best students invited me to attend a festival of some kind the school was holding that weekend: They seemed really excited at the prospect of my coming and hanging with them. Politely, I declined. Other teachers may disagree, but the best policy (and safest one for all parties) is for you to see your kids in the classroom and in office hours---period. This is true whether you teach grades K-12 or college. Anything else risks a compromise to the teacher-student relationship, and down that path lies madness. And lawyers."
(Lemire 21)

I have been flirting with the possibility of becoming a teacher after I graduate from SHU (or graduate school, depending). One of the things I thought about was relationships between student and teacher, and I thought I'd be really cool with my students at the beginning (I plan on teaching high-school, so right after college I wouldn't be too  much older than my students). I always thought about having some punk kid in one of my classes and telling him/her about cool local shows and possibly seeing this person at the show and chatting with them. I guess it is improper for students and teachers to be too cordial outside of class. This disappoints me.

"I am finishing up my dissertation, which is about 150 pages long."
(Lemire 65)

I've considered graduate school being a part of my future. I knew obtaining an advanced degree would require some tedious work, but 150 pages is pretty intimidating. I don't know if I'm discouraged over this or emboldened to rise up to this challenge yet . I'll find out sooner or later.

And I thought college was rough enough.


Ideally, you choose a thesis topic that you're dying to explore, you become an expert in it, and you write a book-length study that's deeply meaningful to you. I never really thought of writing my thesis as tedious... yes, it was hard work, and it was slow going, and there were times I was sick of it, but I never really thought of my work as tedious.

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