From Corporate Big-Shot to Rebel Radio

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"Every business, from the smallest entrepreneurial venture to the global giant, needs to communicate:internally, to its employees; and externally, to its customers, prospective customers, investors, the media, federal and state regulators, shareholders, and more."
(Lemire 155)

"Radio stations need writers, editors and editorial-based project managers like any other form of media; bear in mind, however, that these people work behind the scenes of on-air broadcast, which is a world invisible to you as you rock out to the radio in your car or dorm room."
(Lemire 184)

Lemire's book is a real eye-opener; I never thought that these jobs mentioned in this book were so available to English majors. It makes sense, because these jobs require writers, but I just never thought about it. I never thought about the person in the corporation that writes all of the memos, pamphlets, newsletters, and even speeches for higher-ups. I thought radio jobs were mainly for communications majors, but evidently that is not the case. This really opens up the world to me; I really did think that English majors were limited to teaching and writing jobs. I'm glad to hear that that isn't the case.

Thanks Lemire.


Greta Carroll said:

Jessie, yes, Lemire does a good job of drawing our attention to these jobs we may not otherwise try to get. I did not realize that all of these jobs were open to English majors too. Lemire really makes an important point: we are not confined to certain jobs just because we were English majors. Employers are more interested in our attitudes, how motivated we are, and whether we are entrepreneurs than what our major was. They care what skills we actually have, not what a piece of paper (our diplomas) says we know.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

I agree Jesse. Sometimes as English majors we're in tunnel vision with our job opportunities. Writing. Teaching. Writing. Teaching. It's all we can see.

Lemire does a very good job of pulling us away from the spectrum and showing us to take a step away and really look. There are tons of jobs for us out there, they just might not be in the places that we originally thought they would.

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