The Faith's In My Chest

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"'I hadn't thought,' Ruby said.
'Nobody thinks any more,' Mr. Jerger complained.
'I got to be going.'
'Yes, it's been found,' Mr. Jerger said.
'Where at?' Ruby asked.
'I have drunk of it.'
'Where'd you have to go to?' she asked. She leaned a little closer and got a whiff of him that was like putting her nose under a buzzard's wing.
'Into my heart,' he said, placing his hand over it.
(O'Connor 71)

Besides loving and completely agreeing with the line "Nobody thinks any more," I liked this dialogue. It effectively characterizes both of these people. Mr. Jerger, the wise, old high school teacher is a thoughtful man always searching for knowledge but a genuinely compassionate man as well. Ruby is described as having "get" and seems to be a very realist, utilitarian person. She's all about taking care of herself, which also throws the term "egoist" at her. She wants results that will better herself or her situation. Even more examples of her being characterized this way are found in the short story.

I also enjoyed the simplicity of the dialogue. It reflects a quick and simple conversation. You can feel the small talk.

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