The Panda Says No!

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"Egg's, and it's not even a possessive."
(Eats, Shoots & Leaves p. xiii)

I may be dork for this, but I was extremely bothered by the completely improper use of an apostrophe as well.

One of my biggest pet peeves is improper punctuation. Really, improper grammar as a whole bothers me down to the bones. Computer-speak and text-message lingo makes me cringe. whenever I do peer reviews, I'm always tearing apart the mechanics of someone's paper, adding and removing commas or trying to re-work awkward sentences. I'm not sure if I know the rules of grammar really well or if I just pay close attention to style and flow, but I am a Grammar Hawk (not Nazi, I refuse to associated with that in every way).

I have the feeling I'm going to really connect with this book.


Tiffany Gilbert said:

Thats funny that you say computer and text messaging lingo make you cringe. The first time I downloaded aol, I was so confused and refused to use "lol" Like what the heck, why couldn't you say "haha" It's only one more letter. Anyways, I feel I have adapted to the lingo and it no longer bothers me, I'm sorry if that is not the case for you. :)

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