City folk and people are violent and obscene.

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#1. Americunt:
1) A way of distinguishing the USA from the rest of the Western Hemisphere. A play on the way the far more ambiguous "America" sounds.
2) What british people sometimes refer to people from the USA as.

The band American Head Charge has a song called "Americunt Evolving into Useless Psychic Garbage." This could be the word's origin.

-Americunts, (also known as Amerifags) are Quite possibly like, totally the dumbest breed on Earth. Also note that they live in the best country on earth which is further proof that God hates you. Americans are the indigenous people a bunch of squatters sack of hammers who call America (pronounced "murka") home. A veritable melting pot of races, creeds and colours, this species has been rendered practically brain dead by being force-fed vast quantities of "stuff" and relentlessly beaten about the head with the Stupid Stick.
(From Encyclopedia Dramatica)

I chose "Americunt" because...hmmm, mainly because I like to refer to stereotypical Americans in this way. Fat, ignorant, bigoted, self-centered stupid - a stereotype like this deserves such a name. I think it's pretty witty, and I also like how the sound of the word itself is as harsh as its meaning

Note: Encyclopedia Dramatica is like a very crass Wikipedia and not to be taken seriously, so laugh a little.

#2. Power-violence:

A loosely defined sub-style of hardcore which almost completely eschews traditional song structure in favor of an all-out blitz-speed musical attack. More well-known power violence bands include Infest, Spazz, and Scholastic Deth.

It was first mentioned by name in the song "Hispanic Small Man Power (H.S.M.P.)" by genre pioneer Man Is the Bastard.


Screwdriver in the Urethra of Hardcore

An oral history of powerviolence

Annoying autobio: Late last year outside a Radio Birdman show, I met a zinester who had been the subject of a song by Black Army Jacket, one of NYC’s few contributions to the mostly regional sorta-subgenre known as powerviolence. I told him that I was planning to write this article. “Really?” he responded. “Who still cares?”

(From Decibel Magazine)

I chose "Power-Violence" because I love this style of music. It is so raw and intense; the structure and the lo-fi quality of the songs are entertaining enough. I'm in a Power-Violence band named Masochrist. My other band Shrike Beats Bee has power-violence tendencies. Whether the term is hyphenated or note is beyond my knowledge, but I think it seems more proper with a hyphen.

If anyone is curious to hear some power-violence, look up Crossed Out and Dropdead on Myspace. Pretty standard PV.

#3. Skram:

Skram is a corruption of the word screamo, first coined in 2004 by Alex Bigman, a.k.a. thebigmin, on the messageboard Cross My Heart With A Knife as a joke. Over time, people took it somewhat seriously, and has now come to be used as a less-commercially co-optable term for screamo, since that word has been bastardized into oblivion, used to describe any shitty whine-fest bands on MTV and the Warped Tour that incorporate maybe 30 seconds of screaming per song.

Typically, true skram records are pressed only on vinyl, with handmade covers, and in quantities of far less than 1,000.

Previous and less successful attempts to create a term that the mainstream media and major record companies would deem "too stupid" to steal and repackage included kittencore, and the more appropriate, kitten violence.

-ultimate skram : literal meaning
-epic skram : skram that usually contains abrupt and extreme tempo and volume/distortion changes, nontraditional rock instrumentation (cellos, violins, trumpets, various other orchestral instruments), and other effects to heighten the "epic" feel of the song, these songs tend to be longer in length
-1337 skram : more obscure and elitist skram
-OOP skram : used for skram records that have gone out of print, but are still in demand, and hence, command a princely sum on eBay or

-teh screamies
-skramz0rz (or further variations, ex: skramzei0rz0ers, the more ridiculous and over the top, the better)
-amo the little-mentioned counterpart to skramo, if screamo:emo::skramo:amo, get it?

"Yo his skramz are of high skramality....he seems influenced by early Spirit of Versailles." - SKRAM KID

12-05-2005, 08:43 PM
"in a movement against the errors of catagorization, i've heard a lot of people (in the midwest at least) rename emo/screamo bands to "skramz." it kind of sounds stupid i know, but people got sick of mentioning the terms "emo" or "screamo" and having the uneducated blurt out MCR and Senses Fail.

not only the stupid name, the devoted emo fans around here complain that doing this "abandons the name of what we love." i'm undecided, anyone care to discuss?"
(From skramz[Archive] forum on

I chose "Skram" because real screamo is another one of my favorite genres of music (I like some intense music). Also, I'm in a Skram band named Liberate Me! - yes, I'm in three bands. I generally refer to real screamo as Skram so people aren't like, "You listen to screamo, like My Chemical Romance?" Real screamo is different from the  popular concept of screamo, which is so loosely defined that if a band has screaming in it, someone will call it screamo.

If anyone wants to hear the difference, check out Orchid, Saetia, and Circle Takes The Square on Myspace.

#4. Soylent Shitfest:

A show where everybody gets together and throws shit and eats soybeans

Dude, that soylent shitfest last night was terrible.

Actually, I only wanted to throw that one in there because this is the name of the first song by my band, Shrike Beats Bee (don't ask me what exactly the song is about; it's long, complicated, and odd). Some random person apparently decided to put this into Urban Dictionary. We don't know who did it, and chances are we don't know the person, cause if it was someone we knew, they'd be like, "Dudes, I put "Soylent Shitfest" in Urban Dictionary," and we'd be like, "Why?" But it's cool nonetheless that someone we don't know knows us.

The title of my blog is from another Shrike Beats Bee song, "City Folk and People."
Say that fast with a bit of a slur.

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