EL150 Poetry Portfolio

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I like writing poetry.
Would you tell me if you like mine?
Any criticism is welcome. Respect is optional.



Knock, knock, knocking on

Heaven’s door; I find that there

Is nobody here.


I find Heaven an

Abandoned house vandalized                                                    5

By societies.


There are no pearly

Gates or white angels, just spray-

Paint obscenities.


The tattered curtains,                                                                10

Like robes of fallen heroes,

Shivers the light beams.


Broken needles lie;

Among many broken things

Are my broken dreams.                                                            15


Specifics: Haiku format, house being a metaphor for Heaven, Heaven as a synecdoche to represent religion, Rhyme scheme for last lines - ABBCC


2. “To a Friend who sent me some Records”


As late I rambled through the record fields,   

What time the punk kid shakes the tremulous dew   

From her patch’d denim jacket;—when anew

Adventurous knights take up their dinted shields:

I saw the sweetest vinyl wild thrashing yields,                                       5   

A jet-black wax-disc; ’twas the first that threw   

Its sweets below the tone arm: graceful it grew

As is the wand that queen Titania wields.

And, as I feasted on its fragrancy,  

I thought the compact-disc it far excell’d:                                              10

But when, O Wells! thy records came to me   

My sense with their punk-rock thrash was spell’d:

Intense screams had they, that with tender plea   

Shouted of peace, and truth, and friendliness unquell’d


Specifics: Sonnet, parody of John Keats “To a Friend who sent me some Flowers,” Rhyme scheme - ABBA/ABBA/CDCDCD




Sarcastic, short, and activist as well,

With screams of power ‘nough for mighty Thor,

Ideas that confront what we abhor,

Insatiable desire to rebel.

To march with her, to walk these streets with her,                      5

To spend late nights and weekends with this girl

In cities bathed in colored neon swirl,

I wish more oft would nights like these occur.

Companion? That would mean to understate!

This bond beyond what most could ever dream,                        10

Beyond the physical, our souls in seam,

A kind which few are able to relate.

In love, I’m bound to little Emily.

Together, we will scream in harmony.


Specifics: Sonnet, Rhyme scheme - ABBA/CDDC/EFFE/GG




The march through Oakland made those people see.

Those people that, through use of violence seek

To force a peace and calm out there; this weak

And poorly-planned idea leads to tragedy.

Is this the future of democracy?                                     5

To send out loved ones overseas to bleed,

To force our will, was this our country’s need?

Is this our future, imperialist country?

These people - War Hawks! - saw no vote from me!

I never wanted to strike there first!                                            10

Entangled in their feud - with this, we’re cursed,

And maybe those with thirst for blood will see

Why we, to put an end to greed and hate,

Will organize and smash the state!


Specifics: Sonnet, Rhyme scheme - ABBA/ACCA/ADDA/EE, Line 4 too long to represent the feeling that this war has gone on too long, Line 8 switches from iamb to trochee to bring attention to the “imperialist country” claim, Line 14 too short to represent impatience with the government’s policy.


People are like seashells.

There are two kinds:

One kind has a hermit crab living in them-

They shelter and protect a living, breathing thing;

They have a purpose to exist.

The other kind hold nothing within them,

And when you listen to them,

You can only hear a vast ocean of nothing.


Specifics: Free verse, imagery to represent the difference between authentic, caring ("shelter" and "protect") people and shallow, apathetic ("holding nothing within them") people. Spontaneous; thought up and written down several months ago while at work.

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