It's a Sunny Day

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Another day of this beloved sun,
With heat that brings me beads of sweat like cured
Amnesia - Forget about that crap!
Just look - this lovely Sunn guitar amp here!
A mop to soak up melted face, I'd need -
With blame to rumbling sound-waves for this mess;
A bank heist would be needed for the funds:
The 4-by-12's, the heads - are all too much.
Whatever, Sunny days like these ahead
Are much to be desired - so I dream.

An explanation? Of course I care more about music than weather. I like to play with words as well.

Most people are excited about this sunny weather, and I'll be honest, it brings a smile to me as well.
However, that Sunn (a company) guitar cabinet (the part of the amplifier with all the speakers - four 12" speakers in this case) down the road from my house at a guitar store has me pretty excited.
They're loud.
They rock your body with sound-waves (feeling music is almost as enjoyable as hearing it).
And this one is $375 - a bit beyond me at this moment.
And then I'd have to buy a head (the part that the guitar plugs into - it brings the noise) for it. Sunn, of course.
eBay is telling me that's another $100-$200 if I get lucky.
Sunn has been discontinued since 2002, so almost everything I find is ridiculously vintage, which only brings the price even higher.

I need a second job.


A heart-felt hymn for music gear.
Consumer culture makes us want it all.

Jessie Farine said:

Eh...consumerism :[
Music and everything related (minus dumb stereo/audio gear) is the only thing I'd ever let myself be materialistic over.

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