The Savior

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"And always Ender carried with him a dry white cocoon, looking for the world where th hive-queen could awaken and thrive in peace. He looked a long time."
(Ender's Game p.324)

After conquering the buggers' world and finding the place that the buggers left their queen, Ender finally became a savior instead of a killer. He learned about them, about their mistake and the knowledge they gained from it, and he learned that they wanted forgiveness. Ender got the chance to give them their forgiveness (even though he completely annihilated them, but it's cool). I really liked this role-reversal that Ender is given. He goes from mass murderer to savior for this alien race. Essentially it is a switch from ruthless military commander to open-minded, diplomatic negotiator. Maybe Card is showing that learning, forgiving, and accepting through talking is better than complete subjugation through force?

That's the way I see it.

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