Portfolio 3: The Final Portfolio

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Now we are at the end of this semester (and my first year at Seton Hill U.). I am pretty excited for break, but I'm excited for other things as well. I believe working less while going to school has helped me with my problem of turning assignments in late. A few entries were late, but they were lower in the hierarchy of my other assignments at the time, i.e. my 350-point, 9-page research paper for STW. Anyway, I think my work this time around was my best.

These blogs include a direct quote from the assigned reading, identify the source of the quote, and links back to the course web page devoted to that reading (all of my blogs contain this, so I'll just list blogs that don't fit into any of the following lists):
Free verse does not necessarily equal freedom

This blog I posted on time (agenda items need to be posted 24 hours before the class discussion):
Ruthless Tone
The emphasis and the meaning...
Fluff and stuff

In this blog, I wrote a blank verse poem about a Sunn amp, which Professor Jerz commented on, and I replied:
It's a Sunny Day
Anti-Authoritarian inspired Greta's reflection in her blog Being in charge is risky business
I left a comment on Greta Carroll's blog "Meaning-of-life" Garbage, to which she replied in my blog Code Blue for Humanity

Very simply, these blogs show my ability to write in depth:
Ruthless Tone
City folk and people...
Because man will always be tools
The Savior
Things are always better in pairs

-Extra blogs
These blogs were not for an assignment; they were just on my own accord:
To a Friend who sent me some Records
Poetry Portfolio


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