It Could've Been Worse

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"Much of the media scrutiny in the days after Virginia Tech centered around the university’s immediate response to the shootings and the decision not to lock down the campus. In both the Northern Illinois and Louisiana cases, the shooter died moments after the first and only attack. Both campuses also had the benefit of looking at their notification policies following Virginia Tech; Northern Illinois had messages up on its Web site within 20 minutes of the incident."
-(Live From Another Stunned Campus)

Thankfully, colleges have learned from Virgina Tech's mistakes and have improved their alert systems. I didn't even know about the incident that occurred over the weekend until I checked my email and found several campus alerts, the latest of which informed me a SHU student died in a shooting.

This incident hardly tested Seton Hill's alert system; imagine how much worse this incident could have been. Instead of containing himself in his apartment, Briggs could have taken his rampage onto the nearby sleeping campus. This really would have put the system to the test. More people could have died. However, I think SHU's alert system is effective and would have been very helpful in the event of an even worse emergency. I don't have the emails anymore to check how quickly they were sent out in response to the incident, but I know it sent out a warning before the incident was over, which is always a good move.

The story has been gaining coverage very quickly. I think this story appeals because, despite only one fatality, it was a student that was killed by police (awkwardly, the Tribune-Review titled their article "Police slay Seton Hill student..."). Worldnews has a collection of articles on the incident already, although most are the same blurb of general information. It's remarkable how fast information travels these days.

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